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2ProtectFamily Course List

  • Situational Awareness

    • This is a 3-hour course and is the solid foundation of all other protection classes.  Situational Awareness is defined as "Being aware of what is happening around you in terms of where you are, and whether anyone or anything around you or your loved ones is a threat to you or their safety."  Situational Awareness buys you time to avoid, escape, and or defend.  SA basically minimizes the element of surprise for the bad guy.  This is extremely important in this age of technology when both ourselves and our children become disengaged from our environments enabling potential harm to us.  Keep in mind potential harm does not have to be intentional to be a danger....a car backing out of a parking space can be just as disabling or fatal.  In this course, you will learn the SA color codes, how to establish baselines and spot anomalies, how to improve your observation skills and make educational games of them with your children and grandchildren, and learn the significance of intuition to your safety.​​

  • Women's Basic Handgun

    • Women's Basic Handgun is a 3-hour course specifically oriented towards women that have no training or experience in the use of handguns.  We begin with the basics and all training is done in the classroom utilizing training aids called the SIRT pistol and other laser equipped pistols.  Learning how to safely use firearms is comparable to learning how to safely drive a car.  We discuss different types of firearms just as there are different makes and models of cars...basically they handle the same but each may have a little different particulars.  We cover eye dominance and its importance, the four universal safety rules, the (7) fundamentals of shooting, and how to load a magazine.  Students learn and practice these fundamentals utilizing the laser equipped handguns.  This class is tailored for women only.

  • Women's Intermediate Handgun

    • Women's Intermediate expands upon Women's Basic with 1 hour of classroom discussion and 2 hours of range time utilizing the student's personal firearm or one may be provided for use by the instructors.  The universal safety rules and fundamentals of shooting are reviewed and put into practice at the range.  Classroom discussion covers revolvers vs. semi-automatic handguns, choosing the right handgun, bullet anatomy, cycles of operation, common malfunctions and how to clear, types of holsters and carrying a firearm safely, and learning how to establish boundaries for self-protection.​  This class is tailored for women.

  • Woman's Advanced Handgun & Self-Defense

  • USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense

  • Kansas Concealed Carry Certification

    • Completion of the Kansas Concealed Handgun course provides the student with the required certification training specified by the Kansas Attorney General's Office.  The completion certificate enables the student to apply for his Kansas Concealed Handgun license.  The license provides reciprocity with participating states, enables student to minimize paperwork when purchasing a firearm due to their prior vetting with the license, but most importantly, makes the student aware of the legal and civil responsibilities in carrying a concealed firearm.  This is an 8-hour course consisting of 6 hours of classroom training and 2 hours of range time.  Student should be able to safely load, unload, and fire their handgun prior to taking this class.​


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